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Like many forms of divination and esoteric thought, Western Astrology owes a great debt to Pythagorean geometry and Platonic cosmology. Ancient Greek philosophers believed that the sphere or circle was the most perfect shape. Not only does it have no sides or harsh, uneven angles but it also has no obvious beginning or end. This was echoed in the ‘harmony of the spheres’ – both through the circular shape of the planets, which were considered to be divine beings, and their regular spherical-shaped orbits. Together, these reflect the underlying rhythms and frequencies of the cosmos, which in Greek means “order”. So to me, a name that acknowledges these concepts makes perfect sense. Hence, Astrology + Sphere.

To the Mesopotamians, the ‘inventors’ of astrology, the stars and planets were celestial signs – a form of heavenly writing – which, if read/deciphered correctly, could help to earth-bound mortals remain in tune with their macrocosmic cycles. As above, so below. This is what astrology does best. It most empowering and effective when used as a sort of symbolic clock, calendar or weather forecast, indicating the themes, qualities and types of events most likely to occur at any given moment. This is where the cosmic weather and my Astro-insights blog fit in.


Hermetic and Neoplatonic philosophers believed that syncing your life with the cosmos was the key to happiness and success. That is why at AstrologySphere, we tend to focus on the cosmic weather – offering a mixture of weekly, monthly and six-monthly forecasts to help earthly beings to embody the hermetic maxim ‘As Above, So Below’ – and thereby participating in what Hermetic philosophers called ‘the miracle of the one thing’.


Discover Your Personal Connection to the Cosmos…

Each of us is a universe in miniature, born with our own microcosmic version of this universal blueprint. This means that our relationship to the cosmic intelligence of the stars and planets is in many ways, unique. So how the cosmic weather is likely to affect you may be slightly different to somebody else. This is where it can really pay to know your individual chart or get a reading/report done that can help you to decode and help you to understand your personal relationship to the stars. To find out more, book a reading or order a written report, visit the Astrologysphere shop.


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“Lisa did my first astrology reading about 7 years ago and I was dazzled by how accurate it was. Not only did it outline the main principles of astrology, but many of the predictions actually came true! Since then, I have had several other types of readings, which all had the same level of authority and accuracy. Lisa also explains the positions of the planets and how it all fits together which gives context to the reading, especially if you have no prior knowledge like me.  I would highly recommend Lisa, as she has an interest in you as a person which makes for an excellent, personal service.”

Lucy A, London

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“Lisa did a Relocation Report for me, and I’ve got to say that it really helped me a lot. More then making it easier for me to decide which direction to choose at that particular moment of my life, it also alerted me about things that were going to come, and in the end, it was super accurate.”

Juarez R., New York

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“Lisa has been giving me accurate and insightful readings for years. About love, career and all sorts of other crises. More than once, I’ve been able to avert disaster or find the right path, thanks to the guidance of her horary reports and readings she has given me. I highly recommend her.”

Vicky B., Hamburg

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