Astro-Insights for June 2015

Sun into Cancer


After a decidedly difficult May filled with trying retrogrades and challenging aspects, we head into smoother, more exciting waters this month. Get ready for plenty of opportunities for expansion. romance and professional advancement, care of the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in fire and air signs. If you felt as though you were plagued with doubts, or in an emotional trough last month, then you’ll love the feelgood, progressive vibes of June! Read on to find out more about what’s in store from the cosmic weather…

Lunar Phases


Tuesday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius marks the first major celestial event of June. Unlike the heavy intensity of May’s Scorpio Full Moon, this lunar event should be a mostly jubilant and upbeat affair. In fact, celebrations of one kind or another may be in order now as plans finally come together and you get the green light to move from situations that may have been bogging you down.

This particular Full Moon occurs at 12 degrees Sagittarius. According to the Sabian Oracle, this degree is associated with inspiration/elevated thinking and a sense of patriotism/nationalism.

Keywords that Lynda Hill uses to describe this particular degree are:

Declared idealism. Trumpeting ideals. National pride. Peak experiences. Flags. Symbols of strength, unity and power. Truths. The pomp and ceremony of big political displays. Issues of nationhood. Issues of world domination. Elevated views and perspectives. Forceful voices. Reaching for the highest plane. Nobility and pride. Successful outcomes. National anthems. New empires. Messages from the president.[1]

With the obvious upsurge in Scottish nationalism witnessed during the UK General Election, let’s hope this is a positive expression of pride and social idealism, rather than a rebellious bid to break up the union or further fragmentation for the purposes of self-interest. Of course, after the May 7 General Election, there is also likely to be plenty in the news about the European Referendum that David Cameron promised the UK electorate – Sagittarius rules foreign policy whilst the Moon rules the general populace, so we may well see some kind of announcement on this subject over the next month or so.

The Sabian symbol for 12 Sagittarius is, interestingly, A FLAG TURNS INTO AN EAGLE; THE EAGLE INTO A CHANTICLEER SALUTING THE DAWN, which Hill points out, implies a close symbolic link to the USA. With campaigning for next year’s presidential election now well and truly underway, it’s possible that we may hear news relating to one of the candidates – perhaps even someone choosing to bow out of the race.

At the time of the Full Moon, the Gemini Sun will be travelling close to Mars, which could add a bit of a kick or competitive dynamic to proceedings. The Sun and Mars together can be both vibrant and formidable, but also potentially quite bolshy and assertive, sometimes bordering on selfish or arrogant if left unchecked. With both the Sun and Moon squaring Neptune, it seems likely that attempts to be too pushy or hasty are likely to be either sabotaged, subverted or met with accusations of bullying. Authority figures should therefore tread carefully now, especially around contentious issues like racism and bigotry. Civil rights demonstrations or race riots could also become prominent again in the US around this time, given the close links that 12 Sagittarius has with America when paired with the Sabian symbol for the degree of the Sun, which is, ‘A black slave-girl demands her rights of her mistress,’. Sadly, with several key planets located close to, or in aspect with, the Arabic parts of death, catastrophe, and water journeys, I also wonder whether Europe is in for another migrant boating disaster…

On a more positive note, the Full Moon will also be conjunct the Part of the Honourable Acquaintance – a point that was prominent during the 2015 Spring Equinox eclipses. It’s possible that there may now be a continuation of themes highlighted by both the solar and lunar eclipses around now, especially concerning issues of moral integrity, strength of character and the ability to command the respect and/or admiration of others when it comes to leadership. Jupiter will be fairly active during June, making several key aspects to the Sun, so it seems probably that these are likely to come to the fore in concert with the movements of the Great Benefic.

For the rest of us, this is likely to be a period of celebration and philosophical contemplation. Although Mars may add an element of impulsivity and restlessness to proceedings, this can be channelled positively through taking part in competitions, or expending emotional/physical energy through activities such as sport, dance or yoga. Overall, though, its best to work on ticking off existing tasks, as opposed to initiating anything new – this is, after all, the lunar phase most associated with endings and culminations, as opposed to new beginnings, so save any excess enthusiasm for the New Moon, and focus on being grateful for recent achievements or past opportunities instead.


Midmonth, a New Moon in expressive Gemini begins another 28 day cycle in travel, educational, political and media-related affairs. If you’ve been thinking about writing an article, starting a course or trying your hand at teaching or writing, then this is an excellent time to find out more about how to go about it. It’s also a great time to do some exploratory research for your next expedition or business trip, do some window shopping if you are thinking about buying a new car/mode of transport, or look into new ways to commute to work/school.

However, with Mercury still retrograde, you may want to wait until after the 12th of June before embarking on your next road trip, holiday, or making any key public announcements or business meetings, unless, of course they relate to a past or pre-existing matter or deal.

This particular New Moon will occur close to the Arabic Parts of both Marriage and the Honourable Acquaintance, so it’s possible that a lover may decide to pop the question and make an ‘honest woman/man’ of you! This is especially likely if you have Gemini on your Descendant or your 7th house cusp is ruled by Mercury, Mars or one of the luminaries because all these planets will be clustered together in the degrees of 24-25 Gemini at the time of the New Moon. Of course, this situation may not apply to your current status or situation, in which case it’s possible you may instead find yourself involved in talks about a potential business merger, partnership or joint venture of some kind. Be sure to check your natal chart or order an astro-report to clarify where Gemini falls in terms of your houses and whether the Full Moon aspects any personal planets for you.

The Sabian symbol for this degree (25 degrees Gemini) is A GARDENER TRIMMING LARGE PALM TREES, which Lynda Hill interprets as symbolising:

Trimming off non-essentials to get to the bare reality. Caring for one’s possessions. Doing the work simply because it needs to be done. Getting rid of rubbish. Gardening and landscaping. Editing words, thoughts, emotions – getting rid of superfluous things. Weeding out the unnecessary. Looking after cosmetic appearances. Tidying up. Tools. Trips to the dump.[2]

Mars will still be orbiting very close to the Sun and Moon at the time of this event, adding an air of independence and a dash of oomph to whatever you decide to focus your mind on. As the planet most associated with sharp tools and surgery, it seems best to put it to work in much the same way as the Ace of Swords in the Tarot Deck – useful for cutting away any dead wood in order to encourage fresh growth, as well as generally improve the overall appeal/appearance of something – in gardener’s parlance, dead-heading so that your plant/project can continue to remain vital and look its best for longer. Just be sure you aren’t too sharp-tongued while you’re about it, though!

Solar Phases

SUN INTO CANCER – 21 June 2015

The Sun reaches the Summer Solstice point on June the 21st when it ingresses into shy and caring Cancer just after 17h40 BST. Overall, the next month should be good for focusing on the achievement of plans or goals related to property buying/selling, home refurbishments/extensions, events in the hospitality or food industry, as well as family-related projects and issues, whether this be a holiday, birth, change of school or attempts to improve the diet/eating habits of certain/all members of your household.

At the time of the solstice, the Sun will still be travelling close to Mars in Gemini, giving this a similarly energetic and focused overtone to that of both  of June’s major moon phases. There will be an added dimension of urgency and military precision to the planning and execution of tasks that have a Cancerian overtone, as well as a desire to get rid of anything superfluous – just be sure not to throw the baby out with the bathwater!  The Sun will also be making a sextile to the Moon, which is, of course, the natural ruler of Cancer, suggesting that a mixture of heart and head is needed to make good decisions about home, family and lifestyle matters – be firm but kind now, especially if you have to say no to something or someone.

Another layer of meaning is added to this event when we look at the fixed stars. The Sun & Mars will be orbiting close to Menkar, the star located at the mouth of Cetus, the whale. This star is synonymous with the collective and the forces of fate/social change that lie beyond the scope of our individual control. Bernadette Brady sees this paring as being emblematic of ‘a time of extremes’ and of being subject to the ‘winds of change’/the ‘pressures of a peer group,’ whether  for good and ill. This may be something to bear in mind if you plan to do anything that involves groups or members of the public.  It’s possible that your actions around this time will serve to ‘make waves,’ either jolting or pleasing the crowds. Worth considering if you plan to make a big splash this summer…

In addition, the Moon will be travelling very close to Regulus, the star of the natural-born leader, who commands respect and devotion from his/her followers and is a benevolent humanitarian. This suggests that you need to use a heart-based, win-win approach to life over the next 4 weeks, and not be afraid to let your light shine when it comes to group activities. Alternatively, it could imply the entrance of an inspirational or influential person into your life – someone who has the ability to open doors and give you the boost you need to achieve certain goals.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout the month

Retrogrades & Stations

Neptune retrograde: 12 June – 19 Nov 2015

No sooner does Mercury return to forward motion, then Neptune, planet of imagination, creativity and spirituality, turns retrograde. As a result, you may find yourself feeling the need to slow down, rest more (perhaps next to the pool with a cocktail…not such a bad thought!) or reconnect with your inner life, especially if you are an artist, musician, actor, photographer or filmmaker. Perhaps you have been pursuing a very materialistic path at the expense of your inner world of late. if so, you may feel the need to withdraw for some ‘me time’ or revisit certain issues, places or projects that inspire you or have a spiritual/contemplative dimension to them.

Given Neptune’s rulership over drugs, both prescription and recreational, it may also be time to review your medication dosage/using habits and consider whether or not you are really benefitting from taking them. If not, this is a good time to book yourself into a rehab centre or wellness clinic for a spell of purification/cleansing.

You may also want to be careful around large bodies of water such as lakes, rivers or the sea because drowning/flooding/tsunami’s can be a possibility when Neptune is retrograde. On the plus side, it is an excellent time to revisit plans for the installation of a swimming pool, garden pond or hot tub on your property, fine tune your acting/artistic skills or review your current beliefs/ideals & expectations to see whether or not they still serve you or not.

Planetary Ingresses

Venus into Leo: 5 June – 19 July 2015

Drama, lavish soirees and romantic attention are all likely when Venus glides into showy Leo in early June. Vain and flirtatious Venus revels in the flamboyant, playful mature of this sign, especially when the spotlight is firmly focused on her, so if you’re in need of some attention from the opposite sex or want to promote your fashion/beauty/jewellery company or creative project, then this is a great time to make a big splash. Don’t be afraid of statement dressing or attention-seeking ploys if you want to stand out from the crowd or curry favour with VIPs and PR mavens. Venus in Leo invented the publicity stunt, so this is no time to be shy and retiring. The same applies to love: don’t be a wallflower, especially at month end when Venus teams up with lucky Jupiter – get out there and strut your stuff! Or, better still, make yourself so alluring that people will be drawn to you like bees to honey.

Mars into Cancer: 24 June – 23 July 2015

Mars changes signs this month, zooming into food- and family-loving Cancer. The trouble is that Mars can be a bit of a rabble-rouser in this sign, so don’t be surprised if arguments break out amongst relatives or members of your household over the next few weeks. Cancer is naturally quite cautious and reserved, while Mars is much more reckless and impetuous by nature. The result of this blending of energies may therefore well be frustration at being unable to drum up support for a plan or conversely, a distinct urge to run your home like a military academy! Although this could be good for motivating lazy or unruly teenagers and clearing out the broom closet of unwanted junk, it could also make family members want to avoid you, so just remember to pick your battles and adopt a ‘less is more’ approach. On the positive side, this is a good time to clear out any excess stuff, inject more green, leafy vegetables or iron into your diet or get the whole family involved in fun outdoor activities or an exercise regime that brings everyone together and keeps people fit. Water sports are especially well-starred now.

Saturn back into Scorpio: 15 June – 17 Sep 2015

Earlier this Spring, Saturn turned retrograde. Since March, the planet of karma, structure, manifestation, discipline and limitations has been retracing its steps through Sagittarius. Now, as we reach mid-summer, it will re-enter Scorpio for a three-month stay until the autumn. During this period, we can expect a brief resurgence in themes that were prominent throughout 2012-2014, including institutional corruption, sex or abuse scandals involving seemingly respectable organisations/responsible members of society, corporate and political skullduggery, violent murders/assassinations/executions and tyranny or the misuse of power.

Given Saturn’s backward direction, it seems most likely that this period will be more about providing resolutions or getting closure to pre-existing or past situations, rather than introducing new ones. So if you have been a victim of crime, abuse or bullying, then this is your moment to get even, or better still, get justice or reparations for your ordeal. This is also a great time to undergo psychotherapy or seek out healing for old hurts/ongoing conditions too, especially if they involve the teeth, skin, bones, or hormones/the reproductive system, or revolve around struggles with self-empowerment. Get to the bottom of certain hang-ups, neuroses or fears for once and for all, and you’ll be ready to widen your horizons, come the autumn.

Key Aspects

Minor Grand Trine in Air & Fire Signs – 5-10 June

The first transit of June happens to be a really powerful and exciting Mars-Jupiter sextile. Hope and optimism about your prospects should return now, along with a desire to expand your horizons. After all the confusion, doubts and uncertainties of May, this aspect is a clear signal that the time has once again come to resume making plans for the future and move forward into new territory, both intellectually and creatively.

As well as stimulating us all to get back into action, this aspect will also kick off a rather spectacular five-day event – a minor grand trine involving the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in fire and air signs – active between the 5th and 10th of June. During this period, you will have bags of willpower, energy, drive and confidence at your disposal, enabling you to create new opportunities for advancement or start afresh on a personal or professional level.

Your beliefs and actions have the ability to blend seamlessly, which means that living your most authentic life has the potential to become more than just a buzzword now, if you put your mind to it and act on your highest intentions. With Uranus in the mix, don’t be afraid to do things a little differently – a new and fresh approach could prove extremely appealing to bosses, investors and VIPs. This is a great time to put yourself out there, express your unique perspective on things and take a few risks.

Jupiter trine Uranus – 22 June

Fresh starts, major shifts and big surprises are all possible today, thanks to a spectacular Jupiter-Uranus trine in fire signs. Thanks to this powerhouse of enthusiastic and idealistic energy, you can achieve almost anything you put your mind to now, whether this be a change of lifestyle, a novel way of using technology for the betterment of society, or a cultural revolution. Coming swiftly on the tails of the summer solstice, this upbeat and positive aspect gives you the boost needed to express yourself openly and freely in public, set off on new or unusual quests for answers to important cultural questions, or blaze a trail in a pioneering new field, subject or way of living. If you are keen to think or act outside of the box, this is your golden window of opportunity. Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith, or go out on a limb now – the gamble could pay off bigtime now!

Venus trine Uranus – 29 June

June ends in much the same way it began – with a bang, thanks to a stellar trine involving Venus in Leo, and Uranus in Aries. With the planet of love, money and creativity orbiting close to benefic Jupiter, the odds of snagging yourself a Mr Big, whether he be a lover, mentor, investor or patron, in the next week or so are pretty high. In fact, lucky in love or creative pursuits is likely to be an understatement right now! Chance or online meetings have the potential to turn into meaningful relationships, big career breaks or fruitful business associations, so be sure to put your best foot forward, both personally and virtually, in order to increase your prospects of success.

Thanks to Jupiter and Venus in Leo, you have the charm, confidence, and ability to achieve your goals. Together with an unconventional, live-and-let-live approach to life, and finely tuned instincts, care of Uranus in trailblazing Aries, you really do have the potential to make your mark, so don’t be afraid to be yourself, however quirky or geeky you may think you are, or go out on a creative or professional limb. The payoffs could be huge!

For more details of what to expect day by day during June, be sure to check out my daily astro-insights on my Facebook page.


[1] Lynda Hill, 360 degrees of Wisdom:The Sabian Oracle

[2] Lynda Hill, 360 degrees of Wisdom:The Sabian Oracle

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