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Mar Pisces Header2016 Eclipse Season is upon us!

2016’s eclipse season gets underway this March, and a busy one it is too – this year, we’re due to experience five eclipses – two in spring, one in mid-summer, and two in autumn – a slightly higher number than usual. Things get underway with a total solar eclipse in Pisces on the 9th, followed by a lunar eclipse in Libra at the Full Moon on the 23rd, close to the spring equinox. To give you a taste of what to expect, this month’s forecast will focus on each soli-lunar event in the lunar phases section, with a more detailed breakdown to follow shortly for those interested in reading further.

This month, Jupiter will also make some rather rare transits to Pluto and Saturn, which could lead to key paradigm shifts in terms of your outlook or beliefs. For more information on the Jupiter-Saturn square, read my Libra Lunar eclipse forecast.

Spring Eclipses


solar eclipse pisces goldA brand new six month phase begins for us all on March the 9th care of a solar eclipse in Pisces. Taking place at 19 degrees Pisces, this eclipse continues the themes begun last February, focusing on how we all fit into the bigger picture – finding our place and function within the grander scheme of things – both the collective consciousness and the cosmos. Think of the latest Star Wars movie, which, metaphorically, could be seen as being all about becoming who you were meant to be – understanding your essential nature and your gifts, accepting life lessons and living in tune with the Force – eliminating resistance (and as a by-product, unnecessary pain and struggle) from your life.

Sabian Symbol:


This symbol has more than a hint of the TV series ‘Carnivale’ about it, and indeed, this eclipse forms part of a series that occurred in 1926, shortly before the Great Depression, and again in 1944, the year that World War II broke out. At the time, people flocked to see charismatic preachers, desperately in need of hope and inspiration, given the uncertainty and hardships of the times – and seeking a way to make meaning out of their suffering.

In the context of this eclipse, this Sabian symbol seems to point to a coming together or gathering of people (under a tent = auditorium/hall) in order to be inspired. Following on from last month’s New Moon, which also carried themes of collective effort and personal dedication to a higher spiritual or cultural cause, this eclipse suggest that the next six months are likely to be about a quest for redemption, spiritual purpose and inspiration – looking for signs of which direction to take next in order to stay connected, motivated and in touch with the flow of life and energetic life forces.

The ‘revivalist’ they mention could be a political or religious leader, or indeed, a motivational speaker –a charismatic individual with the ability to move large groups of people with his/her speech. He or she should choose their words carefully, however, lest they lead people astray, perhaps irresponsibly so. The people are also warned to avoid false prophets who might only have selfish interests at heart.

Key Aspects & Influences:

During the March 9 eclipse, the Sun and Moon will form part of a stellium of planets all congregating in the sign of Pisces, amplifying Piscean themes such as sacrifice, redemption, compassion, spirituality, dreams, poetic vision and the artistic imagination. Givent that the luminaries will also be conjunct to Chiron and the south node, which suggests that you need to guard against becoming overly touchy, escapist/apathetic or stuck emotionally around this time. This is not the time to revert to unhealthy patterns of coping or behaving, but rather to open ourselves up to the possibility of spiritual growth and psychological healing – taking the high road basically. That said, the New Moon will also be opposing Jupiter, which, in turn, will be squaring up to Saturn for a massive stand-off.

Who you choose to surround yourself with, or take advice from therefore seems to be important. However, adding an intense and rather ominous air to proceedings, is a sextile between the New Moon and Pluto, which suggests that certain changes that occur between now and the b

eginning of September are inevitable and cannot be avoided. Given that Jupiter and Pluto are due to come together in a rather momentous trine exactly a week after this event, it does seem as though one thread that will come up now is: from bad will come good.

If you do find yourself in any kind of dilemma as to whether it is time to throw caution to the wind and explore new horizons or err on the side of caution (or social approval) and step back from taking any major risks at this time, it is worth remembering that Pluto may offer a way out. Wait a week and see what develops – some changes are inevitable and may wipe out certain options, therefore removing any potential doubts we might have about which path to take.


Beginning phase of the lunar eclipse on Oct. 27 2004 as observed from JSU.

As March draws to a close, a Full Moon lunar eclipse in peace-loving Libra brings another six month cycle, begun last September, to a close. For those who’ve been a bit panicked by the drops in stockmarket prices since autumn last year, hopefully this eclipse will end any losing streaks you may have been experiencing.

Sabian Symbol:


This particular lunar eclipse falls in the third degree of Libra, which corresponds to the above Sabian Symbol. This certainly seems to point to the start of a brand new era or cycle – a ‘brand new day’, to quote the singer, Sting – which does sound incredibly hopeful.

Hill provides the following keywords for this degree, which may shed some light on the potential nature of this experience:

Keywords: New perspectives and realizations. Waking up to a whole new consciousness or sense of reality. Emerging from depression. Huge changes that erase things that mattered before. Radical shifts. Major life experiences. Being reborn. Events out of nowhere. Changes of fortune. Revitalized perspectives. Coming out of a sleep.

Key Aspects & Influences:

Certainly, if we look at the chart for this event, we notice a rather large stellium of planets in the signs of Pisces and Aries, which is in itself fairly significant. In particular. Mercury and Uranus will be orbiting fairly close to the Sun in Aries – a sign associated with new beginnings and a place in the zodiac where solar energy is exalted – that is, where it seems to operate very well.

Lynda Hill’s commentary on this symbol draws our attention to the fact that with this new beginning comes the realisation that everything has changed. She writes:

What was happening or evident just recently, even just the ‘Day’ before, has ‘Changed’ through an event or some shift of the mind or heart. Things are ‘Changed’; things are ‘New’, they are somehow different.

Of course, this may in itself, be something of a shock, especially if the change in question has been extremely rapid or came unexpected, out of the blue – a distinct possibility, given the involvement of Uranus in Aries, a planet associated with sudden, erratic and sometimes explosive cut-off points.

However, with the Sun due to form a major grand trine with Mars and the Ascendant, it looks as though the change is not only very much overdue, but for the best in the long term, however disconcerting it is.

To find our more about the astrological significance of the Libra Lunar Eclipse, visit my Eclipse Forecast.

Monthly Skylights

Below are some astrological dates to circle in your diary this March.

Key with wind resized

Cosmic weather chart Mar 2016


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