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Last month, Uranus & Pluto got a little heavy-handed, leading to many nasty shocks and unexpected shifts in world affairs, whilst forcing many of us to personally reconsider how to express ourselves more truthfully and authentically. Now, with Uranus retrograde, we’ll be heading back over recently trod ground, which could bring a reprise of that rather tense and unpredictable energy that we have so recently witnessed. In fact, this month, Uranian energy is likely to feature prominently, especially during the second half of August  when a lunar eclipse in Uranus-ruled Aquarius brings a six month cycle, started in February, to its climax.

Read on to find out more about this month’s cosmic weather…or head to my definitive guide to the Autumn 2016 Eclipse Season – up now!

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN LEO – 02 August 2016, 21h45 BST

The month opens with a New Moon in expressive Leo. Taking place at 21h45 BST, this lunar event pushes the reset button on monthly plans, schedules and activities, so don’t be surprised if job offers, sales enquiries and meeting requests come flooding in.  It also provides the perfect opportunity to initiate new projects concerned with individual self-expression, creativity, the performing arts, as well as children/childcare, luxury items/experiences and leadership bids.

This particular New Moon takes places at 11 degrees of Leo, which is represented by the following Sabian symbol:CHILDREN ON A SWING IN THE SAFETY OF A HUGE OAK TREE. This evokes an image of innocence being looked after by a stronger force that is wisely benevolent. As Lynda Hill points out, Oaks trees are associated with strength, durability and even nobility. Indeed, according to her:

In England, the Oak has been referred to as the “Monarch of the Forest”. Cowthorpe Oak in Yorkshire can hold 70 people in its hollow. It is said to be over 1,600 years old. The Ellerslie Oak, near Paisley, is reported to have sheltered Sir William Wallace and 300 of his men. Honour Oak, Whitchurch, Tavistock was the place where money was left in exchange for food during the cholera epidemic of 1832.

We therefore get a sense that at this time, we will be looking for similar qualities in our leaders and guardians – we want to feel protected and safe now, so our unlikely to respond to bosses or candidates that represent too much risk or who seem irresponsible or overly concerned with their own self-interest. Naturally, this has the potential to affect the polls in a number of elections, including the US Presidential Race, as well as the Labour Party leadership election. People want change, but they also want to feel that this is managed and not introduced haphazardly or chaotically, so let’s see if we do witness this shift in people’s voting patterns as the month progresses…

It is interesting that this particular New Moon also happens to coincide with a trine to Saturn, which in its more favourable moments, very much represents that safe pair of hands  – the paternal figure which the Oak Tree symbolises. Saturn also offers us a certain degree of security in another way: by providing us with a definite structure and known boundaries that can cradle or contain us. Lynda Hill could almost be talking in Saturnian terms when she comments on the nature of this Sabian symbol:

In this Symbol it is the very structure of the things around you or even your particular location that provides the ‘Safety’ that’s needed. By the very nature of things, safe surroundings can take care of everyone. Institutions like the Social Security system are similar to the ‘Oak Tree’. Religions and social organizations can also provide this protected environment for people. In general, it is security and protection that needs to be afforded to us for us to follow our true path. Look for the stability and strength in your situation, and expand your wishes and dreams into that protected environment.

Leaders who provide clear policies and show why their ideals have merit in the real world will definitely get people’s attention now – rhetoric won’t be enough to swing it anymore – it’s time for people to put their money where their mouth is.

FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS – 18 Aug 2016, 10h26 BST

Mid t0 late August, we can look forward to a Full Moon in quirky, independent Aquarius – the second Full Moon in a row to fall in this sign, so it is possible that themes which were highlighted this time last month may return to take centre stage. Taking place at 10h25 BST, this particular peak in the annual lunar cycle urges us to celebrate what makes us special or sets us apart from the crowd.

However, this Full Moon also happens to coincide with a lunar eclipse, so its possible that as the Moon waxes to full, you may notice that matters begun around about six months ago (around about the New Moon in Aquarius in February) now begin to reach an emotional peak, or draw to a natural conclusion.  On a personal level, friendships and group affiliations are likely to be prominent now, as will political or ideological aims or ambitions. We may see some interesting developments in tech stocks, for one, as well as begin to get a clearer picture of what Brexit may mean for the British people and indeed, begin to see its potential impact on the UK economy.

With this Full Moon set to sextile Uranus, expect this Full Moon to have a certain electricity about it  – there’s likely to be a bit of a tense, but also potentially exciting charge in the air  – a feeling of anticipation. And indeed, as the planet of surprises, Uranus is unlikely to disappoint.So expect the unexpected now and go with the flow because almost anything can happen – your life could change in a heartbeat!

With the Sabian symbol for the 25th degree of Aquarius centred around imbalance, difference and distortion, it seems likely that themes around personal authenticity  vs social order and cohesion are likely to surface at this time. The Sabian symbol centres around the image of: A BUTTERFLY WITH THE RIGHT WING MORE PERFECTLY FORMED THAN THE LEFT.

One can easily see this as being about being overly developed in one side of the body or brain, such as being predominantly right-brained or right-handed, for example. On the other hand, it might signal a tremendous gift – one that arises out of an imbalance of some kind. For instance, many people who are gifted psychics have often experienced learning difficulties such as dyslexia, or did not do well at school because it didn’t cater to their sensitive and intuitive disposition. Often, when people get illnesses such as bipolar disorder or brain tumours, it can make them incredibly brilliant intellectually or creatively for certain time periods, whilst equally limiting their capacity to function normally at others.

One of the questions on many of our lips may be: “What is normal?”  Indeed, is there such a thing, or is it some hypothetical ‘mean’ that we are all striving to achieve? People with physical disabilities or psychological disorders may have spent more time than most struggling with these issues, and it is possible that, at this juncture, they may have some wisdom to share with us about their journey or experiences.

For a more detailed breakdown, read my definitive guide to the Autumn 2016 Eclipse Season – up now!

Solar Phase

SUN INTO VIRGO – 22 August 2016

The Sun ingresses into feminine earth sign, Virgo at 17h40 BST on August the 22nd, signalling the beginning of harvest time in the northern hemisphere. If we take our cue from this seasonal metaphor, then it best to see this four week period as a time in which to sew what you’ve been reaping over the last six months or so. Gathering together all your resources for a decisive move is one way to interpret this. Virgo is also a sign associated with modesty and service, so setting aside ego concerns and choosing to help others is another positive way to express this influence. Giving back, especially if you have recently reached a certain pinnacle in your own life or career, will bring itsown satisfaction and rewards.

Both Mercury and Venus will also be in Virgo for most of the month, as will Jupiter, so  Virgoan themes are likely to be even more strongly emphasised than usual. Paring back any excessive or overly indulgent behaviour and finding a healthier balance will also boost your health and improve your appearance – a less is more approach is definitely favoured now in terms of lifestyle issues.  At work, keep to the facts, and exercise discrimination  whilst avoiding any tendencies to be overly critical or petty. When in doubt, choose servant leadership over showmanship and you won’t go far wrong. Use this combined energy to focus on solving details when it comes to tedious tasks like admin or contracts  – you’ll have the patience and stamina to get to the bottom of things and deal with the small print.

 Monthly Skylights

Below are some key astrological dates to circle in your diary for August 2016. use the cosmic weather symbols to decipher how favourable or challenging each transit promises to be.

Key with wind

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