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After the drama, frustrations and unexpected headaches thrown up by Pluto and Uranus last month, which may have scuppered plans or led to temporary irritations and technical issues, it’s time to get life back on track this November.

Although this month should prove to be less problematic or stressful than the last half of October, we do have a fairly momentous Jupiter-Pluto square to contend with on 25 November. Reforms to key institutions and a swing in attitude by those in authority may be required to accommodate the changing ethics and beliefs of the society they were designed to serve. However, there is a danger that those with a hunger or liking for power may be unwilling to fulfil their moral obligations and ignore the current cultural zeigeist, or their pledge to serve those who elected them, leading to extreme political views, draconian laws and even violent intolerant behaviour. With Venus joining Pluto at the day of this event, it would seem that women, love and money may play an important role in now things play out. One wonders what this could mean for the US Presidential election – I shudder to think!…

That being said, there is much to be optimistic about this November. Thanks to several favourable Uranus trines and some constructive Pluto sextiles, this could be a time of positive changes and personal shifts, provided you learn the lessons that came out of October’s difficult second half. Listen to your intuition, maintain your integrity and keep your wits about you though!.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN SCORPIO – 30 October 2016, 17h38 GMT

This month’s lunar cycle begins in October with a New Moon in hypnotic and magnetic Scorpio. This particular New Moon is fascinating in that it not only conjures up all the usual Scorpio themes of listening to your intuition, tuning in to the sub-text between people and learning to sense atmospheres, but it also has an added dimension of otherworldiness about it, thanks to it’s proximity to Halloween (a time when the veils between worlds are traditionally thin) and the involvement of Mercury, which will be hovering nearby and making a trine to magical Neptune. As a result, you may find yourself able to perceive things far beyond your usual capabilities, if you listen closely enough. If you’re keen to develop psychic abilities, then this is the New Moon for you!

Sabian Symbolism


What a wonderful image and how appropriate! The notion of the Moon’s light being reflected in a lake conjures up an image of scrying – a divinatory practice carried out by prophets like Nostradamus and most recently popularised in films such as Lord of the Rings – in which one attempts to see the future in a pool of water, crystal ball or mirror. This image is clearly an injunction to practise some mindfulness and attune your senses to pick up more than you may consciously be aware of.This is definitely ‘seeing’ with the mind’s eye or the imagination, rather than any use of the usual five senses!

Lynda Hill offers us her interpretation of this particular oracle symbol:

The image of the ‘Silvery Moon’ or a ‘Lake’ is very much like that of a mirror. What is it about your situation that may need more “reflection”? Is there a need to really take a good, close look inside yourself or another?… It may be wise to remember that still waters run deep and things may not be as they seem on the surface. This image can bring beauty into your life and the need to remember the grace of nature. It’s an opportunity to quietly reflect on the feminine aspects of your life and feel the gentle warmth of the Goddess.

FULL MOON IN TAURUS – 14 Nov 2016, 13h51 GMT

Consolidation, financial and emotional security, as well as routines and habits are likely to be major themes at the Full Moon mid-November. Taurus is a sign very much focused on how we relate to possessions and wealth, as well as how we value our personal skills and resources. It’s possible that others may reward you now for your talents and abilities – what a wonderful way to celebrate the end of this particular lunar cycle!

The particular Full Moon is special for a number of reasons: not only is the Moon exalted in fertile and abundant Taurus, but it will also be the biggest Supermoon for a geneation – the last time such a large and luminous Moon graced our planet was back in 1948, just after the Second World War. Now that’s got to be a sign of hope – let’s heed the warnings and not regress back to earlie rin our history.

In fact, according to the numerologists, the dates of this Full Moon are significant too – they fall just after the highly charged  11th of November (11:11) which this year (2016), reduces to a 4 – the number of abundance and physical manifestation (the Emperor in the Tarot trumps), making the Law of Attraction extra strong – something that seems to be confirmed by the Sabian symbols, as I explain below.

Sabian Symbol


We move from the idea to the reality, from the imagined to the actual this month. This New Moon, located in earthy Taurus, seems to emphasise, the material as opposed to the spiritual. Placed in context with last month’s lunar phases, this symbol may well refer to the physical manifestation of any wishes, requests or visualisations that you put out during last month’s lunar cycle. Go back and look at the Sabian symbols for the Aries Full Moon in particular – there seems to be a continuation of a theme here: the wind blowing through the window has now potentially solidified into the horn of plenty!

Consider the period between now and the next new Moon as the perfect time to focus on your own, and others’ achievements. Focusing on what is practically required to make things happen or realise a dream will prove especially productive. Cultivating a stronger sense of self-belief and confidence in your abilities could really pay off now – if you’ve been undercharging for your services, for example, then now may be a good time to start valuing your skills and time more.

Crystals, stones, coloured glass or a piece of jewelry may also somehow carry extra significance – will someone propose now, or perhaps bring a message/evoke a memory of a much-loved relative? Receiving medals or awards for your hard work may be another way this energy could manifest. if you’ve been neglecting yourself of late, then now may be the perfect time to buy yourself a little something sparkly to brighten your appearance.

Solar Phase

SUN INTO SAGITTARIUS – 21 November 2016

The festive season gets underway as the Sun enters joyful and enthusiastic Sagittarius. Travel plans for Christmas and the New Year no longer seem so far off, and everyone still feels pretty upbeat about the future as we head towards the closing of another solar year. Overall, the next four weeks offer a good time to begin new initiatives related to sports, foreign travel, higher education, publishing, philosophy, spirituality and the law.

Though you may feel optimistic and expansive, the key is to stay pragmatic and not neglect the details when it comes to plans.The Virgo Moon will be squaring the Sun at the time of its ingress, suggesting that humility and attention to detail are required if you are to succeed at work and realise personal goals.

Horsing around and playing the fool is fine but try not to make a fool of yourself, especially at office parties where the temptation to over-indulge may be great. Excess is always a problem for Sagittarius – don’t let this extend to weight gain, overspending or too much merriment – or you may live to regret your momentary lapse in judgement come January!

Cosmic Weather Forecast for November

Use the key of cosmic weather symbols to decipher how favourable or challenging each transit promises to be.

Key with wind



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