Daily Astro-Insights – Mon 30 Jan 2017


Today the Moon enters Pisces, which is likely to have the effect of removing your emotional barriers. This could either allow you to become more in tune with others, or alternatively, make you feel more exposed to the world around you. The same message applies to your body, which could either feel low on physical vitality, or result in a lowered immune system, so take care to protect yourself from infections and anything that could cause an allergic reaction.

With Mars now in goal-focused Aries, it’s also possible that you may have some jarring encounters with some people who are less tactful/sensitive than you over the next few days. Be prepared for this, and either choose to be more tolerant of what is probably thoughtless behaviour, or else decide to temporarily remove yourself from environments where you are more likely to come across aggressive types. Whatever you do, don’t take these incidents personally – this would be an enormous waste of energy.

See today as a chance to recoup and regroup before the mid-week onslaught wreaked by Mercury, whose contacts with Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus are likely to reignite the challenging energy of the cardinal grand cross we experienced earlier this month. Given this upcoming volatility, it’s probably a good idea to keep plans fluid and not commit to anything, either verbally or in writing until this cosmic turbulence has passed.

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