Daily Astro-Insights – Tuesday 31 Jan 2017


Late tonight, at 21h45 GMT, the Moon enters cardinal fire sign, Aries. This is likely to create a desire to take action and start new initiatives tomorrow morning. Paired with Mars, currently also in Aries, it’s also possible that you may find yourself getting in touch with your angry side!

This is fiery, combative energy, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel compelled to complain, confront or demonstrate. In general, you won’t be as reluctant as usual to show your displeasure about matters that are important to you, or indeed, be shy about expressing your feelings! Anyone who crosses you now should beware – you aren’t going to take injustice, bullying or unfair treatment lying down. And you won’t be fobbed off easily either.

Revolution is very much in the air, especially given tomorrow’s Mercury-Uranus square. This explosive combination makes it highly likely that civil unrest levels will grow around the world as people grow tired of putting up with the mediocre, unfair, outdated or just plain incompetent. For want of a better phrase, ‘the natives are restless’… and they aren’t going to take things lying down this week. Authorities, you have been warned!

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