Daily Astro-Insights – Wed 1 Feb 2017


Today’s Mercury-Uranus square is bound to bring travel disruption, interrupted communications, as well as civil unrest. Nervous tension is another possible side effect of this transit. try not to overthink things or jump to conclusions – not only are you likely to be wrong but you will just create unnecessary stress and anxiety for yourself and others.

With the Moon and Mars in fiesty Aries, there is also a lot of combative, confrontational energy about – bear this in mind when dealing with unpredictable or unstable individuals – their reaction may be unexpectedly violent. Accidents are also possible, so be careful when commuting or travelling, and when dealing with electrical gadgets. Fires and explosions, care of Mars and Uranus, are also likely.

Unexpected decisions, news and announcements could also throw a spanner into plans or negotiations, so keep agreements loose and don’t sign any contracts until this uncertain period is over – not likely for two weeks or so, given Mercury’s other volatile aspects later this week and the upcoming eclipses on February the 11th.


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