Daily Astro-Insights – Mon 6 Feb 2017


Today at just before 7am GMT, Jupiter will turn retrograde until 10 June 2017. This annual  event gives us all an opportunity to focus on the meaning of recent events and decisions. When everything is all go, go, go it can be difficult to actually assimilate the true significance of what is happening until afterwards.

With Jupiter in Libra, a sign associated with justice, fairness, balance and equality, it is also likely that the next few months will enable us to go back and right some wrongs committed in the recent past. If you have a few regrets about a decision or action, then see this period as an opportunity to go back and make restitution, or to do things differently.  If you know better now, then do better going forward too.

When it comes to luck, you’re more likely to find it by travelling well-trodden paths and mining for gold in previously overlooked corners of known territory, rather than trying to break new ground.

Instead, focus on generating inward expansion through study, philosophical contemplation and spiritual pursuits, rather than physical travel  – unless you are returning to somewhere you have been before that holds great ersonal significance, such as a pilgrimage of sorts. The past, the familiar and the inner worlds are where opportunity, meanng and adventure lie – certainly for the next few months.

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