Daily Astro-Insights -Tues 7 Feb 2017


Today Mercury enters Aquarius – a move that is destined to make everyone think in idealistic but also relatively philanthropic and selfless terms. I’s time to become more detached in your thinking and consider yourself in relation to the whole picture, whether this be society at large, or simply your local action group or community.

Friends may prove to be especially inspiring now, so consult them if you have a problem or want to work through an issue. Exchanging ideas with others, particularly groups of people, whether through a forum/social media,  or at a meeting/conference, should prove rewarding and satisfying.

You could also come up with some singularly brilliant or unique ideas or inventions over the next few weeks, particularly if you allow yourself to think unconventionally. If nothing else, you will certainly express yourself in novel ways. Don’t be afraid to embrace technology  – it could help you do some important research, or disseminate your message/views more widely.


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