Weekend Astro-Insights – Fri 10 Feb 2017

mercury-sextile-venusStimulating conversation, rousing speeches and unexpectedly exhilarating social events are all likely this evening as Mercury moves to sextile Venus at 21h18 GMT. In fact, the atmosphere at a charity fundraiser, group get-together or political meeting could be electric, thanks to a talented speaker, special guest or party organiser.

Expect pleasing telephone calls, social harmony and good news as these two inner planets, currently in dynamic Aquarius and Aries, do their best to help you to mingle easily and win hearts and minds.

Venus is currently entering her brightest phase of illumination, culminating on February the 17th, making her especially potent and influential right now.

So look out for her on the western horizon at sunset where she’ll be outshining all the other planets in her incarnation as the Evening Star, especially once the Moon begins to wane. And make the most of her beguiling, seductive charms while you can before she turns retrograde next month on March 4.

This surge of positive energy, which began with last night’s Sun-Uranus sextile, forms part of an upward trajectory of harmonious planetary aspects which reach their climax at tomorrow’s thrilling Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Tomorrow’s soli-lunar spectacular brings together the luminaries, along with Jupiter and Uranus, to form a mystic rectangle in the sky – an event that could spark off some surprising twists and turns, as well as energetic shifts which should help to return a sense of confidence and optimism about the future to the world.

Though surprising, potentially shocking even,  see this as a sort of cosmic broom that sweeps the decks clean,  enabling you to hit the reset button  and end a six month period of volatility and uncertainty. No doubt, this news will bring a sense of relief – and hope – to many.

For more details on the astrology of tomorrow’s Leo Lunar Eclipse, read my FREE eclipse forecast.

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