Today’s Astro-Insights – Wed 15 Feb 2017


Today we find ourselves caught between two rather different astral influences:

On the one hand, we have yesterday’s Sun-Saturn sextile, encouraging a ‘Steady as you go’ approach.

On the other, we have tomorrow’s ingress of Mercury into impatient, ‘Just do it!’ Aries.

So what to do?

See this as a turning point  – one of those gaps that allows you to stop, consolidate your plans and decide where you want to focus on and commit to next, especially in terms of mental energy and communications.

A clue to which area of life is best to concentrate on, lies in where Aries and Sagittarius sit in your birth charts. See the Aries-ruled house area as being given the green light from tomorrow; while the Sagittarius and Aquarius-ruled zones are likely to be where personal responsibilities need your attention, and where you should take things slowly, but also where you are likely to get recognised for all your hard work and past efforts.

Not sure about your natal chart house rulerships? Then consider ordering a natal chart from the Astro-Sphere Shop. Better still, why work it all out for yourself when you can cheat and have it all done for you, via a personal forecast!

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