Weekend Astro-Insights – Fri 17 Feb 2017


This weekend, the Sun will enter sensitive, dreamy Pisces at 11:30am GMT on Saturday the 18th of February.

Once we do, we will officially be entering the cosmic looking glass – and the madness of Oscars season!

Pisces is a magical sign that can either enchant or deceive, depending on how you harness it. See the next few weeks as an opportunity to develop your creativity and to re-align your personal goals with your spiritual values.

Set aside time to imagine new possibilities for yourself: visualising the sort of life you’d like to create  and then invest some serious emotion and personal energy into this image – you may be surprised at what you can create energetically.

Remember: “Imagination is the Eye of the Soul”. More than that, it is the key to manifesting. Everything begins with consciousness and cultivating the power of your inner worlds is really the secret to understanding – and co-creating – with the universe.

The Moon will also shift into optimistic and upbeat Sagittarius, which should help you to believe that anything is possible. It is – you just have to have faith – and take action.

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