Today’s Astro-Insights – Tues 21 Feb 2017


Today we enter the looking glass – and a strange, erratic but also potentially magical time that is likely to last until just after Sunday’s solar eclipse in Pisces. This otherworldly period is set in motion by Mercury, which will simultaneously sextile unpredictable Uranus, whilst also trining a retrograde Jupiter today.

As a result, an unresolved legal or relationship situation from the recent past may suddenly, and unexpectedly sort itself out. If you have been complaining about unfair treatment or discrimination, but with very little response from authorities, then things could change today, almost as if out of the blue.

Intellectually, you may also come up with some inspired ideas and original solutions to global/humanitarian/technical problems that are as far reaching as they are comprehensive. Although possibly wacky or unconventional, they are worth noting down and developing because they offer a way redressing the balance in certain off-kilter scenarios, so try not to be too self-critical or dismissive.

Although any surprise news you receive now should ultimately lead to positive changes, they may also create unintended – and possibly quite dramatic – consequences in the short term. This is because Mars is travelling quite close to Uranus, from where it will square Pluto on Wednesday. The result: intense emotions, outbursts of temper as well as Machiavellian attempts to control people or situations that could border on the unhinged or obsessive. People could react quite forcefully or defensively, possibly even violently to any suggestion of a change to the status quo, so take care how you break any news to others because their responses could end up shocking you.

Whatever happens in the near future, know that things will ultimately work out for the best in the end. This may become more evident as we get closer to March. For now, though, keep an open mind and try to suspend any preconceptions of potential outcomes  – certainly until after next Monday.


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