Today’s Astro-Insights – Wed 22 Feb 2017


Today things could get a little bit nasty as Mars squares up to Pluto. Normally healthy conflict or competition could quickly escalate into something intense and possibly quite ugly.

Where possible, avoid confrontation and take care against accidents – speed and heat are both possible killers now, as is anything sharp or poisonous like knives and snakes.

Intense emotions, bullying, angry outbursts and OCD behaviour are all possible today, especially in response to attempts by others to hurry decisions or push for changes too quickly. Try to exercise some patience and take your time in contracts and legal agreements. No need to rush – carelessness could lead to some serious errors or omissions. Realise that some people may need more time than others to assimilate the new ideas or changes initiated by yesterday’s Uranus contacts.

Although things will ultimately work out for the best, there may be some turbulence in getting there. If things get worse before they get better, hang in there – the clouds will clear from the second week of March. For now, stay flexible and keep your options open if you can. See this as a time to clear out what doesn’t belong in your life anymore, ready for the new six month cycle being ushered in by Sunday’s solar eclipse.

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