Today’s Astro-Insights – Thurs 23 Feb 2017


In amongst all the recent craziness, a bit of stability and consistency  arrives today in the form of a Mercury-Saturn sextile – exact at 21h45 GMT tonight.

This should provide you with something more tangible and reliable on which to anchor your hopes, beliefs, ideals and wishes than the announcements, actions or developments so far produced by this week’s exciting and rather passionate but extremely volatile energy.

If you do need to make some sort of decision or commitment this week – and can’t put things off until after the first week of March – then the window provided by this transit should provide you with some degree of certainty and protection against unforeseen risks or unpredictable outcomes.

This transit should also assist with scatty concentration levels and make conversations with superiors or elders both stimulating and constructive. You could also make impressive progress when it comes to writing or research projects now.

Overall, this evening’s transit should provide a safe haven of calm and relative tranquillity in which to gather your thoughts and regroup after a truly mad few days.


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