This Weekend’s Astro-Insights- Fri 24 Feb 2017


This weekend, interactions take on an unreal quality, and decison-making gets a bit fuzzy as Mercury enters dreamy Pisces and we get ready for another eclipse, this time a solar eclipse, also in Pisces.

You may begin to notice a certain trend for talking or thinking around issues, instead of addressing them head on, as a result. Though potentially frustrating for more direct types, this transit does have its upsides, creativity and parallel thinking being just two of them.Another is enhanced intuition, telepathy between individuals and an ability to communicate with the supernatural world more easily.

Then at New Moon on Sunday, a solar eclipse in Pisces begins a fresh six month cycle that brings with it unexpected but pleasant changes. For a full astrological breakdown of this, the first solar eclipse of 2017,  visit my eclipse forecast page.

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