Today’s Astro-Insights: Wed 1 Mar 2017


Today the Moon joins Mars and Uranus in late degrees of Aries. From this position in the zodac, she will also activate some pretty volatile and unpredictable energy, mainly due to the polarised positions of Uranus and Jupiter in cardinal signs.

This opposition will reach a second peak on Friday. As a result, you can expect to feel pretty torn between wanting the autonomy to do as you please on one hand, and needing to feel a connection (and perhaps gain the approval) of others.

It may also coincide with shifts in the external world,  particularly within relationships – ones that began with the solar eclipse on Feb the 26th and are likely to last until August. Though potentially chaotic and possibly disruptive, this period is also likely to result in a lot of positive, if unexpected, developments.

Lurking nearby is another thorn in your side: Pluto in Capricorn, adding a social dimesnion to your current dilemma. How to justify what feels like a selfish need to be happy or free, possibly at the expense of others, to parents or authority figures? Now that’s a difficult one…

Given lucky Jupiter’s position in Libra, it’s likely that a form of justice and a sense of balance will prevail in the end – it may just take a while (and some upheaval) to get there. Fo now, all you can do is have faith that everything will work out for the best and then just go with the flow. The truth is: you aren’t really in control right now.

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