Today’s Astro-Insights: Thurs 2 Mar 2017


After the jarring quality of yesterday, we can expect a brief respite in the form of a Sun-Neptune conjunction at 02h43 GMT today. This subtle and compassionate energy is urging you to tune into your intuition and open yourself up to the world around you. If you do, you are certain to be inspired, moved even, by what you see and sense on a non-verbal level.

Right now, your imagination and creativity are limitless. This is a great time to make a note of your dreams – the vivid ones, right before you wake up, may hold an important message for you. As a leader, it is time to listen and demonstrate to others that you care.

The only thing to watch out for may be your psychological or emotional boundaries – be discerning about whose energy you choose to let in, or you could become a bit of a psychic garbage collector.

With the Moon also due to to enter pragmatic Taurus this morning, you should make some time to slow down, smell the flowers and give your body time to bounce back from what has been a tense few days. Music that has a watery quality should prove super relaxing right now – use it to switch off, even if just for a few minutes.

Routines, security and stability are what you crave psychologically right now. If you’re feeling stressed, then focus on the here and now, and tune into your five senses – being more present will do wonders for your psyche. Indulging your body, perhaps with a warm bath or comfort food, should also prove to be both relaxing and reassuring.

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