This Weekend’s Astro-Insights- Fri 3 Mar 2017


This weekend, relationships are likely to dominate your thoughts and attention, thanks to a rather tense Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the early hours of Friday morning.With Mars still hovering near to unpredictable Uranus, we could have fireworks,, especially if people feel their freedom or will is being thwarted.

Add to this the stationing of Venus on Saturday morning, and it seems very likely that you may begin to reassess current values or associations, perhaps with the idea of seeking more personal freedom or independence within romantic or business unions; or striking out on your own.

With Mercury set to follow in the Sun’s footsteps by conjuncting Neptune, you’re probably better off going with the flow than making decisions. Trying to be too logical or decisive now will just lead to confusion.

Guarding against flights of fancy or overly idealistic thinking is the Moon in pragmatic Taurus, which should help emotions on an even keel.

Your probably best off not acting, certainly not until Sunday’s Mars-Saturn trine. Instead, take your time and mull things over – Venus will be retrograde for quite a few weeks, so there is no rush.


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