Today’s Astro-Insights – Mon 6 Mar 2017


Yesterday, Mars met up with Saturn for the first time since January. However, unlike their last encounter, this particular contact was much more harmonious and constructive.

Mars and Saturn haven’t enjoyed such a flowing encounter since August 2015, so this particular planetary transit is worth taking advantage of. Use its influence to add a big dollop of grit, focus and determination to your workload and don’t be afraid to address problems or obstacles that, only a few weeks ago, seemed virtually impossible to overcome.

You have the energy, expertise and charisma to make things happen now. If you are due to meet with important people, then you may well be able to win them over to your way of thinking. So be your most dynamic and effective self now and you could be amazed by what you manage to pull off now.

You should also notice a big difference in the gym – workouts today will be approached with  military-like organisation and incredible precision. You will also have a very clear sense of how to pace yourself and eek out your energy to really stretch your endurance levels past their usual thresholds.

Given the other powerful transits happening over the next few days, it’s worth starting this week as you mean to go on. You can make a big difference to your life  – and those of others. Be brave and don’t shy away from big responsibilities – this is no time for compromise or halfheartedness. You’re on fire now, so attack problems with gusto.

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