Today’s Astro-Insights – Wed 8 March 2017

Merc Plut Insta

After yesterday’s rather dreamy, though possibly confusing energy, today we shift gear. Over the next few days, Mercury and the Sun will take turns to sextile ‘all or nothing’ Pluto. This is likely to create an atmosphere in which ‘make or break’ decisions and a marked change in personal direction may well be on the cards.

As scary as this may seem to some, especially those on the outside, the truth is that some of these switches in course direction may have been a long time in the making. Although potentially fairly drastic, they may be just what is required to regain a sense of integrity and get back on course, living from a place of truth and in line with how things really are – not merely how we want them to be.

The fact is that sometimes you do have to let of of the old before you are able to see the outlines of the new. And, the relief of releasing old life structures, plans or ways of thinking that have outlived their usefulness can be pretty liberating. It’s truth time now. So be brave and have the courage to be honest.

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