This Weekend’s Astro-Insights- Fri 10 Mar 2017

Mars into Taurus

As we near the end of an eventful week, it’s time to slow down  and take stock. The shift of several planets into earth signs, including Mars’ move into Taurus, provides the calm, centredness and pragmatic attitude needed to do just that.

This influence is all about pacing yourself and enjoying what is right in front of you, rather than rushing about trying to make things happen. See this ingress as a signal to take your foot off the gas pedal, make time to smell the roses and adopt a more conventional approach to realising your desires.

It is these more practical and realistic influences that you may need to call on come Sunday when a mutable Mercury-Saturn square encourages wishful thinking and a slap dash approach to the facts.

Daydream if you must but whatever you do, avoid making any moral pronouncements or fanciful decisions until you know more about certain situations. The fact is that you’ve done enough for one week and need time to process everything that has happened, so why not take a well-earned break instead?

The Moon’s ingress into sensible and realistic Virgo on Friday also begins the count-down to the Full Moon on Sunday. See this event as an opportunity to do some overdue housekeeping and practise some emotional discernment.

It is also time to finally let go of any unhealthy habits that may still be lingering after the recent Pluto transits. It’s natural to want to cling on to what we know but right now, this could prove detrimental to your personal development, annd possibly even your physical wellbeing. Instead, do what you know is best for yourself in the long run – cut those cords!




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