Today’s Astro-Insights – Mon 13 Mar 2017

Mercury into Aries

Today, Mercury enters impatient and driven Aries. Coming on the heels of yesterday’s Virgo Full Moon,  this is likely to rather like a mini new moon. The urge to act on decisions or make a fresh start, especially intellectually  or politically, could get pretty strong over the next few weeks.

While independence and autonomy certainly have their appeal, neither should not be achieved at any cost – or without due consideration for the consequences. This transit is all about being assertive in terms of policies and communications, but not aggressive or rash.

You may also find it easier to express feelings of anger and frustration during this phase. Although this can be cathartic, it also has the potential to create inter-personal tension, so try to be as diplomatic as possible.

Let the Libra Moon, with its innate propensity for charm, justice and fairness, guide your decisions and words now. Seeking balance, consensus and compromise will save you a whole lot of hassle further down the line.

Think of the hare and the tortoise: As the saying goes: ‘More haste, less speed.’


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