Today’s Astro-Insights – Tues 14 Mar 2017


Mars trine NNode

Events may take on a momentum of their own today as Mars forms a mini grand trine to the lunar nodes. The hidden hand of Fate may be working behind the scenes, opening one door after the other for you. All you need to do is start your engine and decide where you want to head today.

Think of that great feeling when you’re driving along and all the lights just seem to go green for you – it could be that kind of a day, especially if you have Mars, Taurus or Virgo prominent.

Now is also a good day to ask for a helping hand in drawing up an attainable fitness or health plan, or moving steadily but resolutely towards financial security. Mars is in sensible, earthy Taurus, so use this to channel your energy into realistic, viable pursuits.

Willpower and determination will be important now, as is being sensible about what is realistically achievable. Stay focused and don’t give up. be like that dog with the bone if you have to!


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