Today’s Astro-Insights – Wed 15 March 2017

Moon into Scorpio_edited

The Moon’s ingress into Scorpio  at 15h10 GMT is likely to darken an already quite antagonistic mood galvanised by Mercury’s current position in combative Aries.

Add to that Venus’ retrograde position, also in Aries, and you have a rather difficult combination of four things:

1) An atmosphere of mutiny/mistrust and suspicion in which scandal, backstabbing and gossip can thrive (Moon in Scorpio)

2) A compulsion to have the last word compete for airtime/ideological space/intellectual supremacy (Mercury in Aries)

3) An absence of tact  or social charm; along with a barely-disguised desire to get your own way (Venus retrograde)

4) A stubborn and belligerent desire to get your own way (Mars in Taurus).

As a result, you can expect  any stand-offs or wars of words to intensify, rather than de-escalate, as opposite sides refuse to back down.

Where possible, therefore, it may be a good idea to avoid courting controversy and bringing up any emotionally charged topics, especially if you are a leader, parent or boss – otherwise you could come unstuck by the end of this week. You’ve been warned: zip that trap! For your own good!

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