Today’s Astro-Insights – Thurs 16 March 2017

Sun square Sat

In Roman times, mid-March was known as the Ides of March (a title that originally had lunar ssociations)  and has become firmly associated in folklore with the assasination of  Julius Caesar – and prophecies of doom. Something of a despot in modern terms, who disrupted the usual democratic Republican style of government, Caesar was famously killed by one of his senators, Marcus Brutus in 44BC in what Shakespeare portrayed as the ultimate act of betrayal. His play also features some very famous lines uttered by a soothsayer, which warn Caesar to ‘Beware the Ides of March.’

The reason I mention this bloody tale is that it fits quite well with the current transits in play between now and the end of the working week.

A sinister Scorpio Moon, associated with secret plots, embarassing revelations and difficult emotional truths, will be in play until the 18th – an unusually long time for the Moon to be in the sign of its fall…

Add to that a mutable Sun-Saturn square, a transit associated with personal challenges or leadership difficulties. This combination of factors suggest the very strong possibility of a direct challenge to authority, a political coup or perhaps even the ousting of whoever is in charge. Given the Scorpio Moon, this will either come about as a result of a large conspiracy or due to a leak/revelation/scandal that makes the person’s position untenable, forcing them to resign.

Peaking at 21h45 GMT on Friday night, this aspect is likely to affect leaders, bosses, parents, as well as anyone in law enforcement, border control or who is responsible for taking disicplinary action within a society or institution.

On an individual level, the next few days are likely to be about keeping your head down, avoiding gossip and making a few tough decisions. A moral dilemma that tests your personal limits is another possibility. My advice: tackle any obstacles that crop up steadily and systematically. There’s no rushing current situations, so you might as well settle in for the long haul.

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