This Weekend’s Astro-Insights – Fri 17 Mar 2017

Mercury conjunct Venus Aries

Passionate conversations, buzzy new social scenes and clarity of thought are all likely to dominate this weekend as Mercury moves to conjunct a retrograde Venus in Aries on Saturday.

If you still have the hots for someone from your romantic past, then you may want to make your feelings plain now. This is no time for beating around the bush when it comes to what you think or feel – Aries is all about plain speech and decisiveness.

However, you’re not likely to feel this dynamic energy fully until we get past this evening’s mutable Sun-Saturn square. Once over that hump, frustration levels and problems with personal boundaries should begin to abate. 

Suspicions and paranoia should also begin to dissipate once the Moon enters bouncy and easy-to-read Sagittarius on Saturday morning. This ingress signals that it is once again safe to let your guard down, open your heart and consider ways to broaden your domestic, dietary or emotional horizons.

Aim high and don’t be willing to compromise when it comes to your beliefs or feelings.

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