Today’s Astro-Insights – Tues 21 Mar 2017

Moon in Cap new

Today the Moon enters Capricorn, which means that it’s time to get tough in all those life areas where you’re normally a bit soft or self-indulgent. See the next two days as a good time to consolidate, and pay attention to the nuts and bolts of you daily life, whether this be your schedule or your healthy eating regimen.

Sadly, the Moon is in detriment here, so this is not the time to get all touchy feely.Tackle what you’ve been putting off, such as money matters or family obligations. foundations of life. The more you face up to your personal responsibilities, the easier you’ll find things come the weekend when Mercury call for some difficult decisions.

This is the perfect Moon to help you stay strong if you are on a diet or embarking on a new regime that requires self-discipline. It is also good if you need to be strict with children who may have been pushing their luck recently. Chin up, keep calm and stay strong. By next week, things will look very different.


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