Today’s Astro-Insights – Thurs 23 Mar 2017

Merc Tsquare Jup Pluto

As we head towards the weekend, you’d be wise to steel yourself as dramatic developments and unsettling news heads our way, in the form of a T-square between Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter.

In a nutshell, expect disruption and challenges to the status quo. Whatever your current views, attitudes or plans towards key life structures,  institutions of power or political/legal policies, expect things to change as a result of what you learn during this tumultuous period.

Leaked secrets, shocking revelations, ideological U-turns  and political assassinations are all possible under this difficult transit.Both the imminent triggering of Brexit and yesterday’s terror attack in London’s Westminster could be seen as expressions of this energy. The last time Mercury and Pluto clashed was in January, around the time of President Trump’s inauguration, so it’s possible that he too may be affected by what transpires now.

At the heart of this planetary configuration lies a Jupiter-Pluto square, exact on March 30th. Stand-offs, power plays, as well as legal challenges are all possible as a result.Some of these may call for major rethinking or restructuring before anything more can be achieved.

Think human rights activists/ well meaning middle class do-gooders with laws and ethics on their side, pitted against a stuffy, spiteful and possibly even vengeful class of wealthy or powerful elites who have history, money and tradition on theirs, and you see that this clash could well have a social class component to it.

Fortunately, a positive aspect between Mercury and the Moon encourages you to break with convention and express yourself  more candidly and openly than usual. This could have a magical effect, disarming people and making them feel more sympathetic towards your cause than they mmight usually. Use this to diffiuse any potentially explosive tensions and have the courage to put aside ego and entrenched positions  in order to reach a compromise.


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