Today’s Astro-Insights – Mon 27 Mar 2017

Mars sextile Nep

Today we enter a sort of alternate universe – a magical space in which dreams, imagination and ideals hold sway – and for once, are privileged  over the usual pragmatic and material concerns.

For a brief moment, as Mars moves to sextile Neptune at 17h44 BST, we can choose to follow a spiritual calling, or pursue a course of action that is motivated by deeply spiritual or philanthropic ideals.

This somewhat unusual combination of planets is urging us to act from a place of unselfishness, compassion, inspiration and wisdom. So follow your dreams, act on your hunches and don’t be afraid to be go with a creative urge.

Physically, you may feel a bit more tired than usual. Rather than push yourself, though, aim for activities that enrich both body and soul such as dance, swimming or yoga. A massage or spa treatment involving heat and water should also prove wonderfully restorative, especially to aching muscles. Rest and recuperation are just as important as strenuous activity.

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