Today’s Astro-Insights – Tues 28 Mar 2017

New Moon Aries neutral

In the early hours of this morning, we enters a fresh 4 week lunar cycle, thanks to a New Moon in Aries.

Taking place in the 8th degree of Aries, this New Moon asks us to bring focus, motivation and willpower to new tasks and projects. Be open to fresh ideas and if necessary, to go it alone if the time has come to head in a new direction.

‘Just do it’ is pretty much the motto of Aries. However, much depends on circumstances – rushing in where angels fear to treat works in some instances, but can be disastrous in others.

James Burgess describes the hidden life lessons and opportunities for personal growth locked up in the first decan of Aries:

The willingness to struggle within society opens us to be pushed and pulled about, a process which can be quite unsettling until we fix our motivating direction. Yet when we find a clear target for our intention, we can learn how to juggle realities, pick up skills, tricks and wisdom, and renew our trust in the deeply-felt exuberant, joyful life-force that enables us to banish all self-doubt.


The east is the direction of sunrise at the equinoxes. It is also the degree associated with new beginnings, resurrection and with the Archangel Raphael. See this as a time of healing and fresh starts. You may need to adapt your plans to the changing winds of social norms and circumstances (e.g. Brexit), so don’t be surprised if a shift in course direction is called for.

Lynda Hill offers these keywords for inspiration:

Attuning oneself through Eastern philosophies. Protective guidance. Balloons and hot-air ballooning. Compasses. Weather vanes and wind chimes. East meets west. Being adaptable to the moment. The winds of time and change. Shifts in the ‘Wind’ bringing shifts in attitude or direction. Hats, scarves, streamers.


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