Today’s Astro-Insights – Mon 3 Apr 2017

Venus in Pisces


Today a retrograde Venus re-enters Pisces – her most romantic and exalted position in the zodiac. Here she will remain until April 28. Use this time to add the finishing touches to creative or monetary efforts begun in January 2017.
If you have unfinished business when it comes to a love matter, then you can make up for lost time over the next few weeks. A long lost social connection could also make a return.
Look to where Venus is located in your natal chart for further clues to what is likely to get a sprinkling of hearts and flowers now.
However, before you can enjoy her time in Pisces, you may need to address a sore spot or heal some wounds first.
This is because Venus will conjunct Chiron and square Saturn first as she re-traces her steps. If you have been avoiding a personal confrontation or have unresolved issues with a friend or creative colleague, then these will need to be sorted out first.
Rather than fear confrontation, though, just be sensitive to other people’s feelings and consider things from their point of view. Everyone loves a listener. Simply validating someone else’s feelings can go a long to turning around a tense or difficult situation.
So be kind and forgiving – both to yourself and others – over the next few days. It could lead to miracles…

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