Today’s Astro-Insights – Thurs 6 Apr 2017

Mars trine Pluto grad

In the early hours of this morning, Mars and Pluto will reach out across the heavens and join forces, resulting in a trine aspect. Both will be in one of the earth elements: Mars is currently touring Taurus, while Pluto is slowly working its way through Capricorn as part of a cycle that spans more than 25+ years.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to make fundamental changes to your lifestyle, bank balance or indeed, your relationship to power, this is your moment!

Mars will provide a huge dollop of willpower and determination, while Pluto will make rules, structures and institutions more pliable.  Use this enormous surge of energy and drive to overcome obstacles and make big personal shifts. Powerful healing experiences are also possible now.

Know this: Whatever you choose to concentrate on, you have the power to transform, so use this energy wisely. Try not to ride roughshod over loved ones or push people too far, unless absolutely necessary.

Use this incredibly dynamic and potent transit to strategize and then act. If you are firm and focused, you may be in awe of what you are able to achieve . Keep the greater good in mind, and remember: nothing in your life will ever change if you don’t take action.

Saturn will also turn retrograde today, thereby easing pressures on publishing, educational or travel plans and create a more tolerant and philosophical environment in which to discuss important cultural, moral or religious issues.

For mutable signs, this is bound to be good news. Spend the next six months or so contemplating which outdated beliefs or moral codes you may need to let go of.

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