Today’s Astro-Insights – Wed 12 April 2017

Moon into Scorpio_edited

Today the Moon enters secretive and strategic Scorpio at 23h40 BST, where it will remain until Friday. See this as an opportunity to shift your focus away from making nice and people pleasing to being more emotionally honest and in harmony with your inner truth.

Spend some time contemplating the deeper things in life. Look below the surface for answers. However, don’t waste your enhanced analytical abilities on getting to the bottom of gossip and rumours.

Instead, tune in to your intuition and listen to the sub-text of what people are really saying. This is your chance to really hear those messages and signals, often hidden between the lines or behind a facial expression or tone of voice. Truth will resonate powerfully with others now. Seek it out relentlessly but use it wisely.

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