Today’s Astro-Insights – Thurs 13 Apr 2017

Sun conjunct Uranus

Get ready for a revolution! Tomorrow the Sun will conjunct Uranus in Aries in what promises to be an eventful day full of surprising twists and turns.

As I suggested in my Astro-insights Blog, this could spell an exciting time for South Africa:The Sun represents leaders, authority figures and bosses, while Uranus rules disruption, revolution and abrupt endings. The result: a possible change of leadership at the highest echelons of society and/or institutions. Look out Jacob Zuma and Bashar Assad!

On an individual level, this transit can lead to an increased desire for personal independence and freedom. It is also rather unpredictable, so be prepared for some strange and eccentric behaviour! Sudden opportunities for career advancement or a boost in status are also possible, no doubt via unexpected means.

Don’t be surprised if some people are suddenly very attracted to you, while others seem to feel repelled in equal measure. See this as your opportunity to be yourself, come what may. However, with a Venus in close proximity, my guess is that the sparks could soon be flying  between you and someone from your recent past…Watch thsi space!

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