This Weekend’s Astro-Insights – Fri 13 Apr 2017


Venus direct web

As we head for the long weekend, many of us may feel a bit restless. If you yearn for some excitement or a change of pace, then you’re likely to be in luck. The Sun and Uranus will join forces in passionate Aries to shake things up and free you from personal constrictions.

Added to this, Venus will be making eyes at sensual Mars, adding some glamour and sex appeal to proceedings. Although the goddess of love and art has been in a bit of a sulk recently, the good news is that tomorrow she turns direct. Love, beauty and harmony will once again resume pride of place in your heart & top of your priorities.

Expect plenty of thrills as Mars turns up the heat while Uranus provides enough electricity to liven up any personal exchange or group encounter.  It’s time to let go your hair and live a little. Passion, sensuality and romance are the keywords for this vibrant energy.

If you’re ever in any doubt as to how to behave, take your cue from Uranus and simply choose to be yourself. Adding some Venusian charm and solar confidence won’t hurt either.

Try not to worry or over-analyse now – others will find you charming and captivating just as you are.

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