Today’s Astro-Insights – Mon 24 Apr 2017

Mercury trine Saturn

Today a retrograde Mercury trines Saturn for the second time since the end of March. See this as an opportunity to review situations and how they’ve developed since the Equinox and then decide what aspects of them you’d like to revisit, remedy or bin.

Your powers of concentration should be excellent – hood news if you have a mountainous workload to get through. What’s more, you should also feel both enthusiastic and optimistic, thanks to the Aries Moon.

This is likely to make you unafraid to strike out on your own, or alternatively, take the initiative when it comes to making important executive decisions.

Despite Mercury being retrograde, today you can have faith in your judgement – or that of a trusted senior advisor. Their (or indeed, your) ability to assess situations and then make the right call will be pretty spot on, especially when it comes to pre-existing matters. Go get ’em, tigers!


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