Today’s Astro-Insights – Tues 25 Apr 2017


Today is the last day of Moon in bold and fearless Aries before we begin a fresh lunar cycle on Wednesday.

See this as a chance to initiate the need for personal or societal change being driven by idealistic and reformative Uranus in Aries and a retrograde Mercury.

However, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! Anger and passion is constructive when channeled carefully. But it does need to be earthed, which you should be able to do at the Taurus New Moon on Wednesday.

This takes place very close to Mercury and Uranus ( = plans or discussions about change or breaking free). Before changing signs, though, the Aries Moon will trine steady Saturn in expansive and optimistic Sagittarius – ideal for manifesting and grounding plans and ideas in pragmatic reality.

The fire signs are still pretty enthusiastic, so it’s not all sums and details. If you’re keen to break free of current structures and expand beyond your immediate horizons, then this aspect will help you to do so sensibly.

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