Today’s Astro-Insights – Mon 1 May 2017

Mercury direct 2

The week (and month) begins on a relatively quiet, somewhat dreamy note. Expect little planetary activity on the cosmic horizon beyond the ingress of the Moon into Leo on Tuesday and Mercury’s stationing on Wednesday.

Use the Moon’s last day in Cancer today to focus on home, property, DIY, food and family. Nourish yourself and take care of loved ones, especially those who may be sick and/or in need of some TLC.

From Tuesday, a playful upbeat mood should begin to predominate, thanks to a lunar ingress into Leo. Enjoy the added boost in confidence to dress a little more ‘loudly’ and be less shy in social situations.

Mercury  will station on Wednesday – good news for anyone who may have found the slowdown in travel and comms speeds more than a little frustrating!


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