This Week’s Astro-Insights – Mon 22 May 2017

New Moon Gemini neutral

With the Sun now in breezy, sociable Gemini and a New Moon due to take place in the same sign on Thursday at 20h45 BST, you can expect an eventful week filled with bags of interaction, news and perhaps even some travel.

Teaching and exchanging views, opinions or information with others are all highlighted, as is politics and the media. You’re likely to get a kick out of learning something new, so don’t hesitate about signing up for that short course or workshop you’ve been considering  – chances are, you’ll find it incredibly stimulating and may even make some friends two along the way!

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the New Moon is: “A radical magazine displays a sensational front page.”

If this is anything to go by, then it looks as though we could be in for a period characterised by exciting revelations, headline news and/or dramatic developments over the next few weeks – ones that are likely to get tongues wagging or minds (and media news teams) working overtime! With such a sensational start to the lunar month, it seems likely that the next four weeks will be anything but dull!

Interactions with lovers, fashionistas or authority figures could get a little intense around 17h20 BST on May 25 due to a Venus-Pluto square. Being very honest and forthright could turn out to be the best way to deal with a certain individual who displays manipulative or controlling tendencies. Any dramatic age gap between individuals could also lead to tension or a difference of opinion now too.

However, see this as an opportunity to work through any differences and find a better way of relating, perhaps by establishing some ground rules, or at the very least, laying down some firm boundaries. The key is not to over-react or think about things only from your own perspective.


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