This Week’s Astro-Insights – Mon 28 May 2017

Mars sextile Uranus

Although you may have drifted into a dreamy reverie over the weekend, expect to come down to earth with a hard bump on Monday when a Mars-Saturn opposition creates obstacles to progress that are likely to end in frustration.

You may also find energy levels dipping, despite a desire to press ahead. See any potential delays or roadblocks as fortuitous and take advantage of any slowdowns to rest and regroup.

Instead, allow the playful energy of the Leo Moon to bring out your fin, creative side  – a far better use of this lunar energy than throwing hissy fits or being melodramatic!

Surprising developments and/or unexpected breakthroughs on Wednesday are likely to send you in a completely different direction, so count your blessings and reserve your energies until then. You’ll more than likely look back and thank your lucky stars that you waited because the options on offer will be far better than you could have wished for!

The 31st will not be without drama, however, thanks to a Mercury-Pluto trine – a transit that encourages drastic change and powerful mindset shifts. If you  need to persuade others of the wisdom of your thinking, this is the day!

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