This Week’s Cosmic Weather – 5 June 2017

Jup direct

A lot has happened in the last four days – things have swung from steady and sweet one minute to downright chaotic and unpredictable the next.

Now, as we enter June’s second week, you should find time to consider matters at length and decide how you’d like to play the cards you have been recently dealt to your best advantage.

Although bosses, leaders and role models may have proved disappointing, flaky even, when it has come to their reactions to unexpected events, there’s no reason to fear the worst. The truth is that you have the confidence and drive to make things happen on your own, without the need for someone to hold your hand.

This will become even more apparent as the week progresses, especially on the 9th when Venus sextiles Mars, adding a touch of sass and flare to whatever you choose to expend your energies on. This aspect also brings with it more than a touch of romance and sexiness to proceedings – perfect for a Friday!

The working week ends with a Full Moon in Sagittarius. The Sabian symbol for this is:

You may feel that conditions are changing and you and your family (sometimes friends) don’t feel safe. You may need to move to a new situation which will provide more nourishment and less danger. This can refer to an inner withdrawal. Concerns with survival. If negative – not being prepared to compromise or co-habit.

Clearly change on some level is unavoidable. However, it needn’t all be bad news, as Jupiter’s station on the same day should remind you.

Once Jupiter returns to forward motion and you remember the fabulous network of people that you have at your disposal to call on for advice and support, you’ll be all set to deal with whatever curve balls life throws at you – and there may well be a few more of those next week, so brace yourself!

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