This Week’s Cosmic Weather: 12-18 June 2017

Sun opp Sat in Sag croppedBack on the rollercoaster we go!

Things start off on a positive note this week. Thanks to a buoyant and very optimistic Mercury-Jupiter trine, exact on Tuesday (13th), your outlook towards the future should be pretty peachy.

However, the situation could then deteriorate on Wednesday (14th) when a Mercury-Neptune square hints at disappointing news or a dawning realisation that perhaps you had been a touch too optimistic about how certain plans, discussions or proposals were going to pan out.

It’s also possible that transport or telecoms networks could let you down, so if you plan to travel anywhere or hold an important teleconference, you may want to come up with a back-up plan until Friday when Neptune stations and misty/foggy conditions should lift; and unclear communications, improve.

Where possible, avoid holding important meetings with higher-ups, such as an appraisal or job interview, on Thursday (15th). The Sun will be clashing with Saturn in mutable signs which is likely to make people less flexible or open to suggestion than usual. Bosses or parents could also become temporarily intractable, veering from overly harsh and uncompromising one minute, to chatty and fairly informal the next.

My advice: don’t try and bite off more than you can chew this week, and try not to start anything new until next week. Instead, spend time considering what is dead weight and needs to go, whether it be ideas, plans or life structures.

This will prepare you for Sunday when a Mercury-Saturn opposition may force you to articulate exactly what you feel is superfluous or outdated and needs to change.

The good news is that all’s well that ends well. On the same day, a Sun-Uranus sextile brings with it the ideal conditions to usher in personal change.

The upshot: While you may be afraid of letting go or saying no to what you know, deep down, isn’t for you; you won’t have to wait very long to find out what could potentially come in its stead. So, take a deep breath, and about the future, rather than the past.  It’s time to move forward.

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