This Week’s Astro – Insights – Mon 19 June 2017

Mars square Jupiter

Last month’s super-charged trine between Mars & Jupiter may have led some of us to believe that we were invincible. However, recent events may have reminded us that nothing could be further from the truth.

And with Mars set to square Jupiter this weekend, it is probably fair to say that overdoing it, taking massive risks and/or shooting from the hip without forethought for the consequences will most definitely land you in hot water now.

Rather than take huge gambles that are unlikely to pay off or trying to bulldoze people into doing your bidding, you’d be far wiser spending the early part of this week convincing others to follow your lead voluntarily through a mixture of subtle seduction, leadership by example and a modicum of excitement.

The best day to work such wonders is Tuesday the 20th when a Mercury-Uranus, together with a Venus-Neptune sextile promise to add a touch of glamour and pizazz to proceedings.

On this day, you will easily be able to combine charm, together with a convincing argument, to win people over and turn delicate situations around. The key is to be refreshing and authentic in how you communicate whilst maintaining an air of approachability and mysterious allure.

While it may be tempting to try shock tactics, this is likely to backfire. With Mercury fresh from its clash with serious Saturn on Sunday, it would be better to try and keep bosses and VIPs on side. So choose your words and make your plans carefully – aim to impress without being too controversial or offensive. This is especially true of Wednesday when the Sun conjuncts Mercury. You could have the ear of someone important then, so use your opportunities wisely.

A romantic date or gesture early in the week could also quickly snowball into an intensely passionate connection  – one that could prove life-altering! So stay open to possibilities –  longlasting happiness could just around the corner, if the stars are anything to go by!

The trick will be to have faith in the Universe and go with the flow – don’t rush or overdo anything. This is one of those times when you won’t have to force situations – everything should all just fall effortlessly into place. All you have to do is let it!

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