Weekly Astro-Insights for June 26-30

Merc con Mars trine Nep

After the shift in values and relationships brought about by last weekend’s Venus-Pluto trine, we move into a week in which thoughts and actions merge effortlessly; and realising long-held dreams becomes distinctly possible.

Fresh from its encounter with teacher of the zodiac, Jupiter, Mars has us all realising the upsides of a subtle approach when it comes to exerting willpower and creating momentum.

Many of us will like the flow and harmony of the Mars-Mercury trine that begins this week. This aspect, exact at 07:18am on Monday morning, is excellent for sports involving fluid movement or music. Healing practices incorporating sounds, music or vibration should also go exceptionally well now.

On Tuesday, we are once again reminded of the importance of maintaining a balanced viewpoint, and seeking out the opinions/input of others as Mercury moves to square Jupiter. When it comes to words and communications, less is definitely more now.

However, the dynamic shifts again on Wednesday the 28th when Mercury catches up with Mars and together, they trine Neptune. On this day, we have the opportunity to really practice new techniques for manifesting what we are able to visualise and/or dream about.

Acting on messages from spirit should have almost immediate results. Look out for signs that you are in sync with your truth and where possible, aim for succinct but sincere ways of speaking.

By Friday the 30th when Mercury opposes Pluto, it may become clear where you have gone off piste or misjudged certain feelings and/or intuitive information about a particular system, relationship or power structure.

This weekend provides the perfect opportunity to rebalance, re-vision and make the necessary adjustments to your plans or decisions so that they are more clear, palatable or pragmatic-seeming to society at large.

Fusing what is magical and inspirational with what is also nourishing and caring will go a long way towards making your message – and plan of action – more widely accepted. That way, you’ll avoid too many stand-offs and power struggles next week when Mars opposes Pluto.


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