Weekly Astro-Insights for July 3-10

Sun opp Pluto

Yesterday’s Mars-Pluto opposition is likely to have sent tensions skyrocketing off the charts over the weekend as heads clashed with hearts; needs with wants.

Any differences of opinion and power struggles arising from this dramatic opposition are not likely to vanish overnight. If anything, they could lead to even more marked stand-offs and arguments this coming weekend when the Sun moves to oppose Pluto.

Given that both the Sun & Pluto are associated with power, this upcoming aspect could also coincide with concerted efforts to remove political leaders from key positions of influence or unseat governments. Theresa May – you have been warned!

Added to this potentially explosive mix is the strong likelihood of unexpected decisions or announcements mid-week when Mercury squares Uranus.

The problem will be forseeing any potential problems – thanks to a trine between the Sun and Neptune on the same day as the Sun-Pluto opposition, it’s seems distinctly possible that whoever plans to stab you in the back may well come disguised as a friend or intimate.

Getting ‘real’ will be important – there’s no point in sugar-coating what could be a serious of make or break situations over which you need to carefully weigh up your options. It may be time to pare back some deeply -entrenched life structures or let go of long-held personal attachments in the name of self preservation.

On the other hand, Neptune will be urging you to act with the best of intentions and to make decisions based on the highest good for all concerned, even if this means making a personal sacrifice in the short term.

The moral of the story now is that you need to consider forgoing ego-based concerns and focus on spiritual development instead if you want to get through this week relatively unscathed.

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