This Weekend’s Astro-Insights – 7-9 July 2017

Capricorn Full Moon sans writing

This weekend, two very potent energies come together in a crescendo of planetary energy that calls for major shifts in perception, as well as some make-or-break decisions concerning career and lifestyle.

The first is a Sun-Pluto opposition. Taking place in the cardinal signs of Cancer and Capricorn, which rule outer life structures and heart-based connections, it seems likely that we are being asked to move into a more truthful place that resonates with who we really are and how we feel inside.

Family, home and hearth  – our sense of identity on a very basic level – is being pitted against the outer trappings of our role in society – our status, worldly power and social influence. A decision or shift of some kind feels imminent in order to resolve this very polarising set of circumstances.

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Capricorn, which takes place at 05h07, brings this transit to a head. Pluto will be hovering very close to the Moon, which is likely to heighten tensions and up the likelihood of more drama and radical changes.

This is a time of transformation, when power shifts from the few to the many; from outside to inside, and where transformational energy gravitates away from the head towards the heart.

On a personal level, it signals the perfect time to become like a snake and shed our old skins – unfulfilling or unhealthy habits, roles or emotional baggage that may be holding us back. It is also a great time to let go of habits, diseases and emotional blocks that may be preventing you from fulfilling your highest potential.

Pivotal realisations are likely – moments where you realise what is really important to you and where you need to make changes in the outer world to reflect who you are on the inside.

Use this time to shed old skins and empower yourself to identify and take control of the opportunities brought about through shifting circumstances.




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