This Week’s Astro-Insights: 17- 24 July 2017


Venus trine jupiter

From failure comes new opportunities for expansion along with the promise of improvement in love, money or creative matters – that is the message of this week, care of Venus.

The planet of pleasure, beauty and joy will be squaring  nebulous but enticing Neptune on the 17th. Romantic entanglements and promises linked to money or creative partnerships may not be what they seem today.

This transit is likely to elicit feelings of sadness, depression and romantic/creative disappointment as you realise that the magic has gone out of a situation, activity, heart connection or even an artwork or fashion/beauty item that once brought you enormous pleasure.

One thing is for sure, by Sunday’s Venus-Saturn opposition, you may well choose to part ways with whatever is making you blue or let you down. Given that both Venus and Saturn are in dual signs, this may involve having to choose between two different options – that much-vaunted ‘fork in the road’…

Although you may initially be undecided at first, it is very possible that unexpected developments, freak accidents or surprise announcements precipitated by Uranus’ clash with first Mars (18th) and then the Sun (21st) may be what ultimately pushes you into making up your mind.

The upside of all this chaos and potential heartbreak will be an acceleration in opportunities to spread your wings, care of Tuesday’s Venus-Jupiter trine in air signs. As they say in wise circles, when one door closes, another one usually opens. And this time, the heavens may actually give us two for the price of one!

So whatever happens this week, know that there is a silver lining to whatever clouds may temporarily dim your horizons. Just don’t expect the path to happiness and true love to be a smooth one.

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