Week-end Astro-Insights: Fri 18 Jul 2017

New Moon Leo frame

With both Mars and the Sun both ingressing into Leo towards the end of this week, there’ll be tons of fiery energy and enthusiasm around. This should be put to good use at the Leo New Moon on Saturday (23 July) to begin a fresh stage in your personal or domestic affairs. This New Moon also favours new efforts related to performance or the creative arts, as well as leadership initiatives.

See this soli-lunar event as a signal that your time to shine is coming – good news for many of us after what has been a rather demanding few months filled with challenging aspects.

However, the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon warns against being overly emotional or not directing your energies constructively. Taking place in the first degree of Leo at around 10h45 BST – considered to be a very powerful point of any zodiac sign –  this New Moon is symbolised by the phrase:


This suggests impetuousness and a state in which one is ‘overcome’ with passion. Almost the opposite of the Strength card in the Tarot deck, one loses control and allows the heart to rule the head.

Lynda Hill’s keywords for Leo 1 include:

Ambition. Becoming fired-up. Charging off in all directions at once. Dizziness and disorientation. Nervous breakdowns. Not acting like one’s usual self. Events coming to a head. Feeling like one will explode at any moment. Too many obligations to live up to. Feeling incapable of action. Too much excitement to contain safely. Headaches. Blood pressure. Erections. Animal passions.

Together with the Venus-Saturn opposition, which peaks on late on Sunday night-Monday morning, it seems very likely that certain awkward, tense or difficult situations involving the emotions could come to a head now. It is possible that you may find yourself letting go of certain outdated values or relationship patterns too. Going it alone after a relationship break-up may be a distinct possibility.

However, with Mercury also set to trine Uranus on Monday evening, it’s possible that anything you blurt out or say in the heat of the moment, perhaps during an argument, may have been necessary to restore a measure of honesty and authenticity to proceedings. As a result, it may serve to clear the air, albeit on a potentially explosive way, and enable you to start speaking from the heart, rather than merely saying what you think other people want to hear.

See this New Moon as a precursor for the Leo solar eclipse due to take place on 21 August in the final degrees of this fixed fire sign. New chapters are on the horizon, especially for those born under fire and air-ruled planets.

So don’t be afraid to shed old skins and get honest about who you are and what you want from life. It’s time to re-centre and focus on living your truth. Just try not to let this be too much at the expense of others if you possibly can.


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